Changing gas quality means changing performance

With the energy transition and new suppliers of gas (types) new challenges present themselves
which were never there in the past.

If your process was operated with gas you had a dependable supplier and a pretty stable gas quality.
But this has changed.

Change in origin of gas

The origin of the gas is changed because the traditional source is unavailable: the quality is changing
every shipment.
The quality of the gas is changing because bio gas and hydrogen are added as the transfer is made
from fossil to renewable.

The result is that your engine, burner, heat treatment process, etc. etc. is not doing what it used to
do. It is not performing in the optimum way.
Why? If the composition of the gas changes so does the result if you burn it. The engine provides less
power, the burner provides less heat, etc.
This will all influence the product / profitability.
If your base material does not reach the required temperature, if the material is not heated enough
or if the process/travel takes longer or the required time is longer than what you were used to.

If you adjust the time, air/fuel ratio, etc. will solve the problem. This can be done if you know what
the quality of the gas is.

The traditional Gas Chromatograph has been the answer till recently. This is not the cheapest
product to buy, it requires maintenance and is takes minutes to analyze.
Most of the time this is too expensive for the typical user.

Our solution

De Gidts & Feldman can offer you a solution that has a relatively low initial cost, no maintenance (so
no additional cost), no consumables (so no extra cost), that provides you with real time quality
information on which control can be based.

Using this solution will make optimize your process independent on the quality you get supplied as
you will be able to adjust the process instantly.

This will avoid rejected products, using too much fuel, etc. resulting in efficiency & reliability.
We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities. Provide us with a brief description of your
process (this can be outside the range of suggestions made above) and we will let you know what
solution we can offer. A demonstration of the product is an option as it is also available in a portable
version. Go to our contact page.

Interested? Please contact us!

Our product specialist will be pleased to advise you about our products and solutions.

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