Gorter gas pressure regulators

Honeywell has several brands when it comes to gas pressure regulators (GPR) and safety shut off valves (SSV); Elster, RMG, Bryan Donkin & Gorter.

Gorter Controls main regulator is the BAAI R100 series which consists of the R100, R100S, R100-M, R100S-M, R100-SO and R100S-SO..The versions without the “S” are without silencer and are less commonly used. Honeywell has added the R100NG as an improved version.

R100S : pilot controlled (P095) regulator with low noise cage.
R100S-M : monitor version of the R100S
R100S-SO : same as the R100S but spring open instead of close
R100NG : similar to the R100 (standard no silencer but optional)

Size range : 1- 16”Pressure class : 150 – 1500 (#2500)
End connection : RF, RTJ
Pilot : P095
Inlet pressure : 0.5 – 100 bar
Outlet pressure :: 99.5 bar
Accelerator : AP095 (monitor only)
Optional : NACE MR0175, position indication (local, switches or 4-20 mA), remote setpoint (I/P or electric actuator), pilot heater

The SSV is the HSV086 with an SM sensing element, SVC086 actuator and ZV-C bypass valve.

Size range : 1- 16” (20” on request)
Pressure class : 150 – 1500 (#2500)
Pressure : 100 bar
End connection : RF, RTJ
Optional : NACE MR0175, position indication (local, switches, solenoid (emergency closing)

Other Gorter products are the C210S(-M) control valve with PB actuator. Discontinued products Cocon 6 & 13, R101 and R200

A typical configuration would be HSV086 / R100S-M / R100S.
The SSV shuts the system when the pressure gets to high (and/or low), the monitor will be in an open position until the main regulator fails (open) for some reason.

As the formal Honeywell distributor, we can provide the complete product, their spares and as our service engineer is a former Gorter employee we can offer service based on in dept knowledge of the product and its history.

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