Honeywell Elster gas measuring

DGFG is offering a complete range of gasflow meters, caloric value measurement & flow computers from Honeywell. Well recognized names like RMG, Elster, American Meter Company & Instromet were the original brand names of many of the products from the current range.

Gas composition

Gas can be “any” type of gas, not just natural gas and also including Hydrogen and bio-gas, not only in their pure form but also a mix. A mix seems to be the current standard. This changes how the gas burning units are operated. In the past it was known what the caloric value is, and gas/air ratio should be. However, with changing origins of the natural gas and changing gas composition due to bio-gas and H2 being mixed in an unknown is introduced.

Knowing what gas there is in the system will give the opportunity to optimize the burning process and the quality of the product made.

The quality can be measured with a Elster chromatograph or the RMG gas quality device. The chromatograph provides a detailed component result, the RMG device morecomprehensive but ready to regulate the process.

Flow measurement

Measuring the amount of flow is nothing new but was typically done as a process requirement or when gas was sold from 1 to another (fiscal metering, custody transfer). Now a new reason has been introduced as bigger users need to visualize the amount of gas in a dashboard.

With the RABO (compact) rotary gas meter (PD, positive displacement), Q (max/plus) Ultrasonic, QA, Q, Q75, TRZ2, SM-RI Turbine meters there is a solution for almost any application.

From measuring the flow at actual temperature and pressure or converting it the standard condition via a Volume corrector (EVHI), EK205, EK220 & EK280. For the last there are several version. Starting with a internal temperature compensation only (when the pressure is constant and known) to external pressure and temperature measurement and sending the measured data by wired or wireless connection.

For the more extensive applications a Flow computer can be used. The current models are the encore BM1, enCoreFC1 & encore ZM1. They replace the FC2000

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