Level Measurement Process Tanks

News Level MeasurementSoon, they will be making a long trip by sea: from Rotterdam, via Singapore to Australia: 17 ‘Magnetic Operated Level Gauges’ From Intra Automation, with Honeywell’s transmitters. An excellent piece of custom work developed for the process industry.

100% Customised work

Kees Bakker, Sales Manager of De Gidts & Feldman (right): “These are truly ‘engineered solutions’. Based on the specific data from our customer, the instruments are meticulously calculated and compiled. We take all kinds of factors into account: mechanical properties of the process vessel on which the level transmitters are mounted, design pressure, temperature and density of the process fluid.”

Sales Engineer Steven Janssen (left) adds: “The float, with the magnet that transfers the level to the indication rail and the transmitter, is also carefully selected. It has been specifically made for a certain specific gravity, of the right material and strong enough to withstand the pressure.”

Variant of the PED-standardization

This project offered us a special challenge. Kees: “Due to the final destination, the instruments must comply with AS3920, an Australian variant of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). We are able to give off that guarantee.”

Facts & Figures

  • End user: Oil company in Australia
  • Client: Contractor in the Netherlands
  • Manufacturer Transmitter: Honeywell
  • Manufacturer magnetically operated level meter: Intra Automation
  • Supplier: De Gidts & Feldman
  • Pressure classes: 300, 600 and 1500 #
  • Details: IECEX certification, AS3920 certification (Australian PED)

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