Hadro Magnetic Level Gauges

Hadro’s magnetic level gauges work on the principle of communicating vessels, therefore the level in the measuring chamber will be the same as the level in the vessel. The measuring chamber is fitted with a float, which has a magnet inside. The float with magnet will float on the medium and the magnet in the float will turn the flaps of the indicating rail. The advantages of this Level Gauges are:

  • Stainless Steel 316L gauges
  • The float in the measuring tube is standard not pressurized
  • Switches are easy to assemble and adjust
  • Gauges, switches and transmitters are ATEX and IECEx certified
  • GL, LRS and BV certificates are available
  • Short delivery times guaranteed
Hadro Magnetic Level Gauge

Hadro Magnetic Level GaugeMagnetic Level Gauges

Models: Pointer D, F, M, R en L

  • Float without mechanical or magnetic guide rails
  • Safe, enviromentally friendly and maintenance-free construction
  • Fully corrosion resistant system
  • Available with fully adjustable “Pointers” and switches

Certifications: EN 10204 3.1, Nace MR 01.75/ISO 15156, Pressure test, WPS/PQR

Spec sheet:

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