Honeywell Elster Gas Chromatographs and Analysers

Honeywell Elster is a market leader in the field of measuring, controlling and analysing equipment for (natural) gas installations. In 2015, the Elster Group, with brand names like Elster-Instromet, Kromschröder and American Meter Company, has become a Honeywell company.

Different solutions

Honeywell Elster has developed several solutions for the analysis of gas compositions. A gas chromatograph ensures the accurate analysis of natural gas, for custody transfer purposes and mixing of gases of different compositions. The latest development is a real-time gas analyser. Within seconds it analyses the parameters that are important for, among other things, controls of gas turbines and gas burners.

Honeywell Chromatograph and Analyzer

Elster Encal 300

Encal 3000

  • Gas chromatograph for natural gas
  • For custody transfer purposes
  • Full analysis from gas composition to C6 + within 3 minutes, up to C9 + within 5 minutes
  • Analysis of calorific value, specific mass and Wobbe-Index
  • Calculation according to ISO 6976, GPA 2172, GOST 22667 or ASTM D3588
  • Sampling system with helium carrier, gas and calibration gas cylinder


Spec sheet:

Elster Gaslab Q2

Gaslab Q2

  • Real-time natural gas analyser
  • For custody transfer purposes, gas turbine and burner controls, biogas and mixing gas
  • Analysis of calorific value, specific mass and Wobbe-Index
  • Calculation of CO2 concentration, methane number, ethane and gas composition
  • No carrier gas needed
  • Fast response time of 6 seconds


Spec sheet:

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