Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator (former Bryan Donkin)

Bryan Donkin was one of the worldwide pioneers of the gas industry. In 1802, the company was founded by the owner who gave the company his name. Following several developments, such as producing paper machines and machines for producing food cans, the company focused on the emerging gas market: the manufacturing of throttle valves. In 1995, with factories in the United Kingdom and Canada, it became part of RMG Regel + Messtechnik Gmbh. In 2009, Honeywell took over RMG as part of the strategy to become a significant player in equipment for (natural) gas applications.

Bryan Donkin Gas Pressure Regulators

Byran Donkin Series 226

Series 226

  • Lagedruk gasdrukregelaar
  • Low pressure gas regulator
  • Diameters 1/2″-2″/15-50 mm (screwed)/DN50-150 (flanged)
  • Straight or angled version
  • Maximum inlet pressure 500 mbar
  • Maximum outlet pressure 150 mbar

Spec sheet:

Bryan Donkin series 240

Series 240

  • Low pressure gas regulator
  • Diameters 3/4″-1″/20-25 mm (screwed)
  • Maximum inlet pressure 10 bar
  • Maximum outlet pressure 350 mbar
  • Optional with safety shut-off valve (under or overpressure)


Spec sheet:

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