Honeywell HART Communicator

The Honeywell MCT404 HART and DE-communicator is a unique product. The base is a robust handheld computer (PDA) with a dedicated interface/modem for HART and Honeywell DE-protocol. The MCT404 is equipped with two software packages, MCT software for transmitters with DE (digital enhanced) communication and FDC software for transmitters using HART communication. The tool allows the user to read, configure and make diagnostics of the transmitter in case of breakdown. To be able to use all its functions, for each model a HART DD (device descriptor) file. Each MCT404 is provided with the DD-Files of all common transmitter models of every manufacturer that has been tested and published by the HART Foundation. Honeywell regularly publishes a new set of DD-files with upgrades, which the users can install completely free of charge. Separate DD-files can also be installed. This offer a great advantage over other suppliers of HART communicators, who charge high fees for such a service. The MCT404 is, by its intuitive software and fast processor, the most user-friendly HART-communicator on the market.

Honewell HART communicators

Honeywell MCT404 toolkitMCT404 HART-communicator

  • For configurating, testing and troubleshooting of transmitters
  • HART and Honeywell DE communication protocol
  • Complete database with HART DD-Files
  • Free of charge user update
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • ATEX Zone 1 optional
  • With docking station

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