Honeywell Multivariable Transmitters

In 1983, Honeywell were the first to market ‘smart’ pressure transmitters using microprocessor technology. Not much later the first multivariable transmitter was introduced. A differential pressure transmitter that also measures the static pressure and – via an external sensor – the temperature. It compensates the compression or expansion of the medium caused by the static pressure and temperature. It can not only calculate the volumetric flow – using a primary flow element to generate a pressure difference, but also the mass flow or the flow compensated to standard conditions (e.g. Nm3/h).

Over the years the measuring principle, a 3-in-1 piezoresistive sensor with internal temperature compensation, has been developed to perfection and is unprecedented accurate and stable. The successful SMV3000 series has been succeeded by the SmartLine SMV800 series multivariable flow meters.



SMV800 Multivariable transmitters

  • SMA810: DP range 0-62.5 mbar, AP range 0-7 bar A
  • SMA845: DP range 0-1000 mbar, AP range 0-104 bar A
  • SMG870: DP range 0-1000 mbar, GP range 0-310 bar

Specifications for all SMV800 models:
2-wire connection, 4-20mA + HART/DE/Foundation Fieldbus
Aluminium housing with polyester coating or 316 SS
Advanced graphic display
Standard accuracy 0.04%
Stability 0.01% per year
Turndown ratio 25:1 (SMA810)/400:1 (SMA845 and SMG870)
Recommended calibration period: every 4 years
Certifications: SIL2/3/ATEX/IECEX/FM/CSA/Inmetro/CU-TR/Marine (DNV/ABS/BV/KR/LR)

Spec sheet:
SMV800-ATEX-Sira 15ATEX2039X
SMV800-ATEX-Sira 15ATEX4040X
SMV800-IECEx-SIR 15.0022X

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