Honeywell Radar Level Transmitters

The Honeywell radar level transmitters use FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) technology. The extensive possibilities, such as aluminium or 316 SS housings, and various antennas options in high-quality stainless-steel types or plastics such as PP and PTFE, are the reason that these level meters are applied in a wide variety of industries. Examples of industries are: oil & gas, chemicals, (waste) water, food, pharmacy and energy production. They can easily be integrated with several types of PLC and DCS  with 4-20mA analog signal output and HART communication protocol.

Honeywell SLN700 Radar Level Transmitter

SLN700 Radar level transmitter

  • 80 GHz FMCW technology
  • Narrow beam, small blind zone & accurate measurement
  • Immunity to temperature, pressure, most obstacles and dust
  • False echo suppression option
  • Easy setup, no dielectric constant dependence
  • Small antenna size fits most process: easy to install
  • High resolution: better accuracy and process detail
  • Measuring range: up to 30 m (liquids) / 120 m (solids)
  • Accuracy ±2 mm
  • Process Temperature range: -40 to 200 °C
  • Process Pressure range: -1 to 25 bar
  • Output signal: 4 – 20 mA + HART

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