Honeywell Vortex Flow Meter

Universal application

Vortex flow meters are universally applicable flow meters and are used in all kinds of industries. The built-in piezo sensor measures the swirls in the flow, caused by a restriction (bluff body). The frequency of these swirls (vortex) is linear with the volumetric flow. This principle makes the flow meter suitable for practically all media: liquids, steam and gases. The liquid does not need to be conductive (as with a magnetic flow meter). It is also well suited for oil. It is important that the flow is turbulent, and a certain flow rate is needed to make the meters work properly. Honeywell has a series of Vortex flow meters with various options, such as built-in pressure and temperature compensation. This allows for measurements of volumetric flow as well as mass flow, compensated flow (e.g. in Nm3/h) and heat flow (e.g. GJ/min).

Honeywell Vortex 100 Flow MeterVersaFlow Vortex 100 flow meter

  • For liquid, steam and gas
  • Accuracy 0.75% (liquid)/1% (steam and gas)
  • With process flanges or wafer type (sandwich construction)
  • Optional built-in pressure and temperature sensors, for compensated (mass) flow measurement
  • Diameters DN15-DN300 1/2″ – 12″

Spec sheet:

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