Imperial Eastman Tools

A solution for each demand

We have an exceptionally wide choice: pipe cutters – for plastic hoses and metal pipes, bending springs, pliers, (double) flare and swaging tools, ratchet wrenches, deburring tools and much more. There is a solution for each demand.

Tube Cutter Imperial EastmanTube cutters

Cutting blades are separately available

  • Hi-Duty tube cutters (TC-1000, TC-1020, 312-FC)
  • Adjust-O-Matic (206-FB, 406-FA)
  • “IMP” mini (TC-1050)
  • Big “IMP” (174-F)
  • Junior (227-FA)
  • Plastic & non-metal (307-FP, 327-FP)

Spec sheet:

Tube Bender Imperial EastmanTube benders

  • Level type (350-FHA, 364-FHA, 364-FHB, 367-FH)
  • Spring type (102-F)
  • Gear type (270-F)

Spec sheet:

Flare Tools Imperial EastmanFlare tools

  • 45° flare tools (195-FB, 300-FB, 500-FB, 5252-F)
  • 37° flare tools (437-FB, 507-FB, 400-F)

Spec sheet:

Various Tools Imperial EastmanVarious tools

  • Wrenches (199-F, 127-C, 124-c)
  • Deburring tools (208-F, 208-FSS)
  • Swaging tools
  • Pinch-off tool (105-FF)
  • Tubing test plug (140-F-06)

Spec sheet:

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