Sandvik Tubing

Sandvik is one of the pioneers in the field of steel production. As early as in 1862, Sandvik was the first company to start producing steel on an industrial scale using the oxygen steel process, also known as the ‘Bessemer Process’. In 1921, Sandvik began with the production of stainless steel and in 1942 the company started to use cemented carbides for the machining of metals. These developments have made that Sandvik became one of the largest manufacturers of tools, high-quality stainless steels and special alloys for a wide range of applications in the most demanding industries.

For many years now, De Gidts & Feldman are supplying Sandvik’s seamless stainless-steel pipes and are stockholder for several common sizes, both metric and imperial. These seamless drawn pipes are of the highest quality, where Sandvik always goes the extra mile in terms of corrosion resistance and processability such as bending and welding.

Sandvik Tubing
  • Controlled hardness
  • Extreme cleanliness (in nine steps) and tubes fitted with plastic caps
  • Fixed length (6000mm)
  • Very close tolerances
  • Always annealed bare (to at least 1″ / 25.4mm)

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