News StandardisationReducing the number of pressure transmitters drastically. This standardization offers many advantages: more overview, lower costs, shorter delivery times. A good example of proactive initiative, which is part of the consultative role of De Gidts & Feldman.

Project ‘life extension of boilers’

One of our customers – an energy supplier in the south of the Dutch province Limburg, who supplies electricity and steam to the industry – started the project ‘Life extension of boilers.’ This required replacing various instruments, including several pressure transmitters. De Gidts & Feldman were invited to submit a quotation for new Honeywell SmartLine Pressure transmitters.

From 25 to 6 models

Kees Bakker, Sales Manager at De Gidts & Feldman, noticed a huge diversity of Honeywell pressure transmitters, with only slightly different specifications. This was mainly because these instruments were not only purchased directly by the customer, but also via their installers and contractors. Bakker: “I counted no less than twenty-five different types and proposed to bring this number back to six models. When the customer looked at the benefits, this suggestion was received with enthusiasm. The profit is mainly in the simplification, because stock management becomes much clearer. After all, now they only have to keep six types in stock. This obviously reduces costs as well.”

Shorter delivery times

The six models – Honeywell SmartLine Pressure transmitters – for the most part are identical; in terms of material, certification, process connections and communication protocol. They only vary in the measuring range. In addition to the advantages mentioned before, there is another profit to the standardization. Kees Bakker: “Because there are now only six different models, we have decided to hold stock for them, from which we can deliver directly.” Want to know more? Kees Bakker is happy to answer all your questions. Call +31 6 51 31 17 68 or send an e-mail:

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